Bring your hot queer self to The Basement for raunchy, old-school, 1970s dark alley and tearoom style play. Our playspace has open and connected rooms, a cubbyhole maze with peep holes, beds, slings, bondage equipment, a flogging station, a spanking bench, wet play tub, an orgy room, showers, and more. Play out in the open, or in one of the private rooms. Join other women and trans folks who come to fuck and play and watch and meet and flirt in a crowd of 50-100 people. Get your boots done at our bootblack station, or get yourself done by Andy, Submit’s House Mouth. Or just hang out and watch some of our favorite hot queer porn. 



    Wanna drink? BYOB, and our hot attentive staff  keep it cold and serve it up back           to you.

                   SPINNING ALL NIGHT LONG

                                   DJ AVG JO!

Winner of 2016 Best Mixes at Go Magazine & Reader's Choice Nightlife Awards


Wanna listen into her beats ?



Wondering how to meet people? WEAR A SUBMIT CRUISING BAND or


                                       cruise ahead of time and rsvp on our Fetlife event page


                                                                                 women/trans only

                                           please be sure to check our gender policy



Submit Party Rules

You can also join LSM for their monthly before





unfortunately, the space is not accessible